Woven Striped cotton fabric from Egypt A piece of rough striped cotton fabric for furnishings; upholstery fabric, cushion covers, parasols, although they often see in […]

print & dye

“Chusen-zome, injection dying method” Chusen-zome is a type of stencil dyeing with resistant paste/katazome with a slightly more modern dying method for cotton fabrics as […]


“Embroidered shawl from Siwa oasis” A modern shawl from Siwa oasis from the 20th century, probably the 1950s. Similar in embroidery and colours to traditional […]


”Sarashi-Momen / bleached cotton muslin”   Object: Sarashi-Momen / bleached cotton muslin, Kohaba (narrow width), machine woven with selvedge. Description: Cotton came to Japan in […]

blue, print & dye

“Mame Shibori / Bean-dot Tie-dye” Object: Tenugui / Japanese hand towel Description: Stripes with blue dots (mame = pea) on a white background known as the Mame-Shibori design […]

colour palette, weave

”WOVEN colour palette” 1 – 6 Weaving structure: tabby – PURPLE warp: 14 colours, weft: purple Yarn: wool yarn 7/1 warp as weftDyeing of yarn:  […]