blue, print & dye

“Stencil Dyeing /Katazome“   Detail of the fabric for ”Yukata – kimono to wear in summer”. Material: cotton Technique: stencil dyeing with resistant paste / […]

news, publishing

New publication about textiles from Egypt. “MÖTEN Textilier från oasen Siwa med omnejd, Egyptens västra öken” by Kazuyo Nomura and Christina Rinaldo, written in Swedish. […]

colour palette, weave

”WOVEN colour palette” 1 –  3 Weaving structure: tabby – ORANGE warp: 14 colours, weft: orange Yarn: wool yarn 7/1 warp as weftDyeing of yarn:  […]


Embroidery in Siwa Oasis, Egypt   The modern colourful embroidery with flowers, sewn on traditional striped fabric. Hand-embroidered by women in Siwa oasis and they […]